Prior to the 1970s, travel agents could only use internal systems to book airfare and travel arrangements. It was not until the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 that allowed these agents to work for outside companies, allowing the travel industry to expand. And since the tasks to plan and coordinate meetings and events require a wider range of knowledge that isn’t usually found within most of the companies, including leverage with international hotel properties, the meeting and event planning industry took off in the early 1980s.

Incentive travel generates about $13 billion a year, according to the Incentive Research Foundation in 2010, and has been a not-so-secret business tool designed to foster loyalty from employees or business partners and encourage the best talent in an organization. When it’s done right, a third-party planner should be cost effective and, at the same time, allow internal staff to concentrate on areas that may need more attention without wasting energies into program content and logistic changes, budget oversight, documents, just to name a few.

Here, at the Morris Meetings & Incentives, we not only maintain strategic relationships with vendors globally along with an extensive knowledge base that allow us the resources to execute meetings and events at any level, but we also have a strong team of veterans in the travel industry with excellent customer service that gives us a significant advantage above the rest. We will help you create your extraordinary destination from your unique business goal, and that’s our ultimate goal.