Norway Cruise

A cruise can open up a whole world in just a weeks’ time.  Coasting down the fjords of Norway, Suzanne saw several of the nation’s cities, while each diverse, all invoke a small town ambiance. Before embarking on a trip to Norway, remember to pack for the weather. No matter where you go, it is cold. Even during the spring and summer months, Norway feels chilly. A jacket and light gloves should suffice most of the time but if you are on a cruise, the river waters amplify the temperature drop. Keep that in mind.

The sun hid behind the clouds for the length of Suzanne’s trip but surprisingly, Norway did not feel gloomy. The lush and beautiful Norwegian plains brighten the country. Despite the grey in the sky, the land is very green. Cool waters run down from the mountains hydrating the plant life growing a very mossy like ecosystem that compares to Ireland. Few people live outside the major cities of Norway so pollution does not affect the natural splendor. Feels like a world before the age of man.

Each town conveys a unique feeling. Alesund catered to the cruise as a port town. Bergan felt like a traditional, old time European town with heavy Germanic influence. Waterfalls are abundant in Flam.

The trip highlight was the Flam railway. This hour-long train ride runs up into the mountains passing by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world. The line ends in snowy Myrdal, a historic town that shows off the rich and historic antiquity of Norway. Many museums detail the ancient cultures of the country including the unique Viking museum found in Oslo. In the future, Suzanne will seek more opportunities to travel off the beaten path and recommends travelers to do the same. There is so much to explore in the wild outdoors of Norway.

Written by Nate Smith from an interview given in April 2015.