Honestly, I was not expecting much of Jungfraujoch when I read about it. As a col, Jungfraujoch rests between the Jungfrau and Mönch peaks high in the Bernese Alps. Sure, there are plenty of attractions, such as the highest railway in Europe and an amazing view of the ice, snow, rocks, and glaciers. I have lived in Utah for seven years where plenty of snow falls and it’s nothing to write about. I just couldn’t bring myself to get excited about going.

I was wrong.

The first day began onboard the train from Interlaken station that took us to Lauterbrunnen. After a transfer, the journey took further up past the beautiful triple peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Most of the train ride occurred in a tunnel dug out in the mountain with several stations along the line. The train stopped at each station to allow for pictures. The panoramic landscape was nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Once we reached the top, 11,332 feet above sea level, the view across the Alps was magnificent. As I looked, the world spread out beneath me. We stepped onto the white powder while soft clouds floated all around us. I didn’t even notice the cold. While up there, I visited The Sphinx Observatory which is one of the highest astronomical observatories in the world. I saw the Ice Castle and walked through the crevasses of a glacier. Needless to say, adventure was easy to find.\

If you ever decide to visit Jungfraujoch, pay attention to the weather forecast. Pick a clear, sunny day so the view from top of the mountain is unobstructed. Trains always seem to be on time and tickets are cheap. Look into The Swiss pass because it will also give you a discount. Travel early to avoid the tourists and don’t forget about the altitude. Air pressure is low and oxygen is less plentiful. It’s possible to pass out if you are not careful, so take it slow and easy.

I cannot possibly share everything that I experienced, but to sum it all up: do not hesitate to go if given the opportunity. It is far from the familiar.