A departure from the usual travel destinations, Croatia feels like an insider secret.  A destination few know of, hidden in the pocket of the Adriatic Sea. Unique and refined, Jackie personally selected Croatia from many choices presented to her. It was not a difficult decision to make either. Looking for a different sort of retreat, Croatia might not churn thoughts of paradise or relaxation right away, but a travel seeker need only leave the familiarity of Mexico or Italy to find those hidden gems of the world. Here a mix of Greek, Italian, and German influences create an atmosphere of antiquity and modern sophistication.  To understand Croatia, one need only look at its islands.

Secluded away from the public eye, the island of Split hosts an assortment of yachts and mansions some of which owned by well-known celebrities like Tom Cruise. Fresh oysters and clams served with top shelf champagne on the shore of a cobblestone lined town.  Split’s refinement extends to its shopping including many high-end boutiques.

Travel the sea by speedboat, drive by VW Bug through the country, grind through the hills and streams via buggy. Anywhere you go you will meet friendly people anxious to talk about basketball. The popularity of the sport should come as no surprise.  Many NBA players have come from the country including Drazen Petrovic. Jackie’s tours of the countryside lead her to the great walled city of Dubrovnik, tranquil by day but a lively party by night. Not far from the city lie the vineyards of Croatia. Much of the world’s best wine comes from the unique grapes that grow on the green hills. Tourism to the region only recently became a standard on cruise lines; soon the secret will be out. Take an opportunity and see its untouched splendor.

Written by Nate Smith from an interview given in June 2015.