Costa Rica

Suzanne Niebuhr’s trip to Costa Rica brought her to The Westin Playa Conchal which sits along a beautiful beach overlooking the pristine blue Pacific.  Suzanne highly recommends Costa Rica’s beaches. It’s the big reason to go. Though many resorts, including the Westin, have beach access, there is nothing like finding your own isolated spot of sand in Costa Rica away from the bustle of fellow travelers. There is beach space to spare. But if you prefer fun over atmosphere, rent an ATV and cruse alongside the ocean.

The sprawling jungle will be the first thing you notice arriving into Costa Rica. Suzanne arrived in Costa Rica early November but recommends traveling during the rainy seasons of August, September, and October when the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are their greenest, and the thick mystical mist weaves through the vast rain forest.

Zip-lining guides you across the lush landscape. Travel from tree top station to tree top station swinging through the trees, valleys, and even through volcanoes. Though Suzanne hasn’t gone through any of the volcanoes yet, it’s on her bucket list. Perfect for getting a full taste of the flora and fauna.

Speaking of animals, they are always present to remind you that you’re a visitor in their home. Keep your Ipods safe and your snacks tucked away because the Coatis, a monkey raccoon mix native to the region, are friendly but sneaky. Iguanas sit back and spectate along the sidewalks, just remember this isn’t your childhood pet. They can get a bit feisty if you try to touch them. Suzanne needed bug spray as the muggier days can get a bit active on the insect front but never deters from the golfing or backpacking.  Lastly be mindful at night and stay close to home.  Remember that you are a visitor in the home of a thousand unique animal species.

The city of Tamerindo was Suzanne’s favorite location. A half hour south of the resort, Tamerindo has great shopping along with many other attractions. The best restaurants are right on the beach front where you can commune with the sea while you eat it. The people are always welcoming, friendly, and often will have great deals on otherwise expensive items and services.

Costa Rica was a blast and full of adventure. Suzanne thinks a little rest and relaxation is in order the next time. Good thing Costa Rica excels at both.

Written by Nate Smith from an interview given in February 2015.