Cannes, France

From its modest beginnings as a fishing village, Cannes has emerged as one of the most glamorous and luxurious towns along the French Riviera seaside. A main attraction for the film industry’s elite, Cannes has developed a reputation for prestige and wealth. While establishing itself as an illustrious destination for celebrities, Cannes also offers enough natural beauty and culture to make it a perfect trip for all budgets types. For these reasons and many more, Meredith made Cannes part of her visit to France in March of 2015.

After a cold and wet stay in the elegant power city of Paris, Meredith was greeted by sunshine and warm weather upon arrival in Cannes. The historic cobblestone roads and old architecture contrasted by the cruising Lamborghinis and Maseratis illustrated the link between times in the old town.

The locals are very welcoming, showing great kindness and affability to those visiting. For Meredith, communication, with the occasional attempt at the local language, came easy as most locals are used to English speaking visitors and speak the language well themselves. Many pastimes continue in practice throughout the region. One of the most notable being Pétanque , a regional sport similar to bocce ball, played daily by locals on old concrete courts while partaking in the local espresso and aromatic cigars.

Old food markets are a major part of any visit to Cannes. It can be expected to receive an overload of sensory triggers with an abundance of colors, smells, and the hustle and bustle of the bartering vendors. Fresh food, the finest wines, and delectable cuisine using freshly-caught fish can be found along each marketplace.

Meredith took part in many local activities that offered insight into what makes Cannes so unique. A trip on the Cannes Le Petit Train du Cinéma (The Small Cinema Train) took Meredith through the history of cinema and how Cannes became the “International City of Cinema”.  Being from Salt Lake City, Utah and having worked for the Sundance Film Festival, Meredith was in full appreciation of the city and its prestigious place in cinematic history. She took the water by way of speedboat to the Cistercian Monks on the small island of Saint Honorat for a taste of the award winning wine being made there since the middle ages.

During her short stay in Cannes, Meredith got a great introduction to what makes the town so illustrious and unique. From the galas to the regattas, unbelievable food, warm French Riviera weather, and a residual aura from the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, seeing what the town had to offer wasn’t only a luxurious experience, but an absolute privilege.
Written by Shawn Smith from an interview given on 7/13/2015.