Miami Beach might have prestige but it also has crowds. Tourists often forget that the city of Miami Beach comes standard with a cities worth of population. Popular beach locations, like Miami Beach, are often loud and quite busy with beach actives and music. So while you can use your well-earned vacation time to mark these famous sun-and-sand locations off your travel bucket list, remember: a vacation should relax. Crowds cause stress. Pristine yet quiet and isolated beaches hide throughout the world. Like a trade secret, these beaches go unnoticed by promoters and travel agencies. Instead their names are whispered, known best by their local townspeople but unheard of by the mainstream. We’re your local beach insider, here to fill you in on a few of these lesser-known yet superior, getaway beaches.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

An old Florida style beach on the coast of the Gulf, Anna Maria Island feels like the land that time forgot. Many 50’s and 60’s style homes sparsely dot the sand, most used solely as summer homes. Structural and cultural development surprisingly never took off leaving the area devoid of most would-be travelers and off the map. Wildlife flourishes as there are few people to disturb the ecosystem so keep your eye out for sea turtles that nest on the beaches and bottle-nosed dolphins cruising through the sea.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

With a population of a mere 1,600 people, isolation defines Cannon beach.  Probably known best for its landmark, Haystack Rock, as well as the small cave systems encompassing the area, Cannon Beach entices with exotic adventure and spelunking for those brave enough. The town nearby celebrates their prized beach with their annual sandcastle-building contest and year-round art festivals. However, if human interaction is off the menu, then sit back and breathe in the crisp, gorgeous scenery.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

With the exception of the rare condominium to rent, Sandbridge has no hotels, bed and breakfasts, or other normally convenient lodgings. This four mile untouched piece of nature is ideal for camping and backpacking. Folks looking to avoid Virginia Beach (a healthy 15 miles away) often turn here to hear the ticking sound of waves.  Very few lifeguards patrol the beach so plan on coming here with experienced swimmers. Explore further into False Cape State Park for an on-foot adventure or Back Bay National Wildlife refuge for some animal sightings.

Second Beach, Washington

Part of a series of beaches that constitute La Puch Beach, this second of three beaches stretches for 13 miles, hidden between steep bluffs and headlands. Thick trees line the back end of the sand closing it off from the world. The only means of accessing this remote beach is on foot. The laidback Second Beach, lined with sea stacks, accompanies Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge meaning that oyster hunting is off-limits.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Wild horses still call Cumberland home, often seen frolicking along the sand and shore. Probably the most isolate location on the list, Cumberland Island feels relatively untouched by humankind. Tall oaks line the beachfront like a gate to the land of the lost. The island and beach are only accessible by ferry and serve as the only mode of transportation for the one or two people that live here year round. This leaves the beach atmospheric, quiet, and wonderful.