Meet the Support Team

The Event Support Team creates customized materials to promote your trip. Event Support designs a website where your participants can register and learn more about their trip. They also create the MMI mobile app. Before your departure, they create travel documents to inform your guests about their travel arrangements.

Courtney Weaver

Event Marketing Director

Since joining the Morris Meetings & Incentives team as the Operations Assistant in 2012, Courtney eventually transitioned into the role of Event Support Director. Leading the Event Marketing Team, she builds marketing and registration websites for programs, designs travel documents, builds event mobile apps, trains new and existing employees on Cvent Software best practices as well as methods to help streamline operational efficiency. Courtney studied Integrated Studio Art at Brigham Young University-Idaho, graduating in 2011. When not in the office, Courtney likes to immerse herself in the artistic and outdoor offerings of Salt Lake City with her friends, family, and dogs.

Favorite Locations: The Pacific Northwest, Iceland, and anywhere with mountains

Bucket List: Norway, Banff, New Zealand, South Africa, and Prague

Nate Smith

Event Marketing Support

Nate found his travel niche at an early age when he and his family regularly traversed the country. Thus far, he has lived in ten different states and explored nearly all of them. It made him adaptable and versatile, craving the Appalachian hills of Pennsylvania one minute and the urban jungles of New York City the next. With a great interest to experience the unique sights, sounds, foods, and people that define each region, Nate searches for cultural diversity wherever it shines.  It sparks Nate’s love of travel. He’s often seen encouraging others to explore beyond their familiar neighborhoods. When not on the move, Nate enjoys film and writing.

Favorite Locations: New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix

Bucket List: Tokyo, Alaska, Hawaii, San Diego, Miami, New Orleans

Paige Hollien

Event Marketing Support

Paige’s ambition shows in every project she tackles. Where some might jump from job to job, she prefers to dig in and excel within one company dedicating herself to its improvement – a trait that’s earned her employer’s respect. Of course this ambition goes beyond just her career. Paige’s love for photography, exploration, and the outdoors rewards her with fantastical sights and wondrous cultures few others get to experience. It’s this facet of travel she admires most. Despite a strong work ethic, Paige still enjoys her free time, which she spends enjoying nature and the outdoors, shopping, and spending time with family.

Favorite Locations: Hawaii, The Caribbean, Alaska

Bucket List: Europe, Fiji, New Zealand, England

Parker Cornia

Event Marketing Support

Learning about diversity through different cultures has always intrigued Parker and what better classroom than the world through travel? That being said, Parker has made traveling a priority in his life, traveling about every four months. He has also made changes to help others experience the unique opportunities that only traveling can offer. He comes to us with two years’ experience from Marriott Vacation Club where he assisted hundreds of Marriott timeshare owners obtain their dream vacations, not to mention, the world-class Marriott customer service. Parker looks forward to applying what he knows to help every one of Morris Meeting & Incentive’s clients receive the quality of service that we know each desires.

Favorite Locations: Chile, New York City, San Francisco, Italy

Bucket List: New Zealand, Prague, New Orleans, Spain