Motivation is a very important element in managing people. The aim of motivation programs is to help create strategies and systems that help companies get the right employees in the right positions, and keep them motivated. Beside these main aims, further aims can be to encourage employees to: work through their full scheduled working hours, maintain and improve their skills, be flexible in their work, be willing to work as a team, be willing to work extra hours if necessary, and try to help the company reach its annual goals.

Business/Incentive Travel
Business travel is a fast-expanding sector of the travel and tourism industry, accounting for one-quarter to one-third of travel-related spending in most developed countries. This is in recognition of the crucial part it plays in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness with which business is conducted throughout the world.

Incentive travel is primarily used in programs to increase sales, purchases, or, in the case of employees, productivity or quality. Many companies that offer travel use it in loosely structured programs in which employees or customers are singled out to attend a motivational meeting. What distinguishes incentive or motivational travel from traditional travel is the focus on creating an extraordinary experience for the winner, or an experience that builds morale, communicates the corporate message, or fosters improved communications between the company and its employees or its customers.

Non-cash awards such as travel are used to avoid the pricing or compensation issues raised by the use of cash. Individual incentive travel has grown increasingly popular within companies that realize they can inspire a higher level of performance by letting their winners travel independently. This trend represents profitable, easy-to-handle business for travel companies with the right approach.

Major players in today’s incentive travel and motivational meetings business include airlines, cruise lines, hotels, destination management companies, adventure travel suppliers, corporate-events consultants, restaurants, and attractions. The incentive travel and motivational meetings businesses often can account for as much as 30-50 percent of a supplier’s group business.

How Businesses Benefit
Companies have the motivation program as a tool to move employees out from under their daily work routine and away from careless behavior. If the company management has already decided on an amount that can be spent for the employees, the right motivational package, including a nice incentive trip, can offer the following benefits:

  • Loyalty for the company will increase.
  • Working teams can be together and the working relationships can be strengthened.
  • After working hard to earn the trip, people feel ready to work hard for future goals.
  • Though the trip is a cost to the company, there are offsetting tax benefits.
  • It creates good PR for the company—the employees will tell everybody about the generosity of their company for providing the trip.

How Individuals Benefit
All employees like travel. They like getting to know new cultures. They are proud to reach destinations that they would have never visited in their private life. They will be open-minded for the future—they learn to embrace new ideas and are willing to follow them. They like to be rewarded for their work, and maybe promotions can even take place during the incentive trip. They will be proud of themselves as they have been selected for such a high level trip, and they will tell all their relatives/friends that the company has done something extraordinary for them.